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Help Pay for the Crimson Elites website! All donations go toward the Website and the Crimson Elite Guild. The Vent is going to be $144.30 for one year and this is for a 50 slot. The website is $45.00 every 6 months. The Guild Master can not pay all of this by himself. So please donate.
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Leadership Contacts    
Guild Master
Crimson Council of Recruitment
Xaio Rogue King
Council of Guild Relations
What we are looking for...    
This Guild is now closed.
News About the Guild Meeting    
The Meeting was a success, Guild Recruitment will resume.

If the guild fails to show improvement by November 1st, it will be declared dead. The Crimson King will then Step down, and retire.

Otherthings were said, and complete that will not be metioned.

The Crimson Elites are recruiting for there first raid team.

The Council Raid Team, also known as Alpha Team.

We need 2 Tanks, 2 Heals, 3 RDPS.

Message us in game for invite or hit join the crimson elites.

Crimson Council Defeats.    
Vanilla, Blackwing Lair (Zone).

Crimson Council decided @ 12:45 AM EST, Sunday September 11, 2011.

In honor of those who gave thier lives, We declared Nefarian of the Vanilla Content.

"Nefarian, The Crimson Council decided that your time has come to an end. Your Fate was declared by the Crimson King Deathplea. You and your pathetic group of Dragonkin are to be put to DEATH, and Recieved just that."

On at the otherhand, this was done in honor of those who were MURDERED in the 9-11 Attacks.

God Bless America.

Welcome to the Crimson Elites Website.

Registered Members please feel free to check out the forums.

We are recruiting any level or class, Just Message any Crimson Elite in game to be invited.

Crimson Elites

Crimson King Returns    
At 10:00 PM EST, September 8th 2011.

The Crimson King Deathplea returned. Expecting a great guild considering the member count on the armory. Instead to find basicly a Dead Guild.

As of this moment, Recruitment is CLOSED.

World Event "Attack the Horde"    
Hello to the World as in the Korialstrasz, although I hope to see this spread to other servers...

Although this event is still in the planning stages, You can check back, and click the "World Events" Tab. (Top of the Page.

Crimson Elite Recruitment Event!    
Hey guys, Starting Friday at 9pm Server Time.
Everyone in the guild will be able to invite, The person that invites the most people will recieve a prize.

==To make sure you get credit for the recruit, please mail Deathplea, the name of the person you invited==

If two people send mail saying they recruited someone, and did not. I will look at the log, and the person that lied will face council.


This Event is from
Friday July 29, 2011 at 9:00pm Server Time (Start)
Sunday July 31, 2011 at 9:00pm Server Time (End)

Whats the Prizes?
Grand Prize: Snowman Kit (Item)
First Place: 50 Gold
Second Place: 25 Gold
Third Place: 10 Gold

Grand Prize Deathplea With 8 Recruits
First Place Realnauti with 3 Recruits
Second Place Xaio with 1 recruit
Third Place Billyray with 1 recruit

Approved by the Crimson King Deathplea
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